All you have to do is take the first step

Modern life can be complicated, and it's not uncommon these days to seek expert help with relationships or a personal or family situation. It doesn't have to be an emergency or extreme mental illness. It may just be a problem causing you severe stress ... or depression .
or simply a major life change such as marriage, where you want to prepare for the best possible outcome.

If you're facing a difficulty that seems overwhelming, a trained counselor can often help provide the objective evaluation and specialized counseling you need to get on the right path to recovery.

The Roth Center offers compassionate care of the whole person, couple or family ... what we call Healing Hospitality. Here, in a comfortable, non-threatening setting, you'll find a combination of professional experience, skills and consideration that can enable you to take charge of your life and move forward toward your goals and dreams. Not only can we help you better understand your situation, we can help you take advantage of available resources, explore practical solutions and make secure decisions as you get on your way to restoring your confidence and happiness. Just take that first step toward healing ... by asking for the help you need.
What clients say
—(Pre-marital counseling)
... we are a stronger couple and are ready to move forward with the knowledge you gave us. We can definitely tell a huge difference in our relationship since we completed our sessions. Your patience, kindness and thoughtfulness will always be in our hearts.
—(parenting seminars) "Dr. Roth is a very good facilitator ... it's obvious he is competent in the subject matter

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